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Video Animation

Service by Pak-Web Solutions

In the event that you’re looking for a way to explain the intricacies of your goods and services to customers or workers, we can assist. With the help of Pak-Web solutions, companies are able to increase their profit margins, which in turn leads to greater growth. To put it simply, we’re your one-stop shop for video animation services.

video animation services

About This Service

The newest animation methods and resources are available at Pak -Web Solutions, so we can help you with everything from explaining complicated themes regarding goods and services to educating consumers and staff. Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate are used in conjunction with methods such as Model Animation, GCI, Drawing Animation, Cutout Animation, Stop-Motion Animation and 3D visualisation in order to produce high-quality animation.

With Pak-Web Solutions’ video animation services, your business will obtain a high-quality animated video that meets your video content requirements at a price that fits any budget.

Make it Easier to Tell Your Story through Videos Animated Services.

Animation services provided by Pak-Web Solutions assist clients deliver their message efficiently and artistically. Attracting the audiences eye and maintaining their interest is our animators’ first priority while creating an animated video. A wide range of animated services are available from Pak-Web Solutions, and the company also advises customers on which style of animated movie best suits their product or brand.

A secure animation technique and technology are two of the many benefits of working with Pak-Web Solutions. Your audience, story/script and project requirements dictate the style of animation that will be used in your project. It is our job to assist you enhance your search engine optimization, which in turn will lead to an increase in income and sales. Our animated video creation service can help you get your message out and make your business stand out. Hire video animators from us immediately and get your message out there.

Our Process

It is because of our knowledge in the animation production sector that we are able to keep ahead of our rivals. We use a simple yet efficient value-driven animation method.

Obtaining Facts and Details

The first step is to find out about the brand and who it is aimed at. In order to get started on the task, we first meet with our customer to discuss their needs and ideas.

Script and Storyboard

Next, we begin writing and drawing out our screenplay and storyboards. All of our animators write a unique screenplay for each assignment.

Order of Events

In the next step, we outline each scene and sequence in detail, including its duration and structure. Our video will be filmed in this stage as well.

Vocal Tracking

In order to effectively convey your message, it’s important to use an appropriate voice. When it comes to our voice actors, here is where they come in.

Graphic Design

At this stage, we choose the text, graphics, backdrop colour, icon set, character design, and any other element that will roughly approximate the final video’s appearance.


The most crucial stage is this one, when our animators really bring your animated film to life. We give them to the customer for approval after everything has been put together.

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